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Diverse Cultural Celebrations Are A Huge Market Opportunity
Entrepreneurs find their business opportunities close to home, which is another reason why diversity helps the economy grow.
Better Benefits Means A Better Bottom Line
Women entrepreneurs have a secret formula for improving profit: They improve employee benefits.
How Mastercard Helps Women Entrepreneurs Get The Loans They Need
When banks won’t loan to women entrepreneurs, CDFIs will. Mastercard is helping to build that ecosystem so more women can raise money for their businesses.
A Father’s Day Gift That Benefits Everyone
Paid family leave for both mothers and fathers will help families, entrepreneurs, and businesses. Guilherme Lemos on Unsplash
Let’s Give Mothers A Real Present By Committing To Providing Good Childcare
Mothers in the workforce — and dads — need childcare to reach their full economic potential. That means government support and community commitment. Shaggy Paul via Flickr
Entrepreneur’s Success Comes From Knowing Opportunity When She Sees It
As Oprah said, and entrepreneurs prove everyday, good preparation brings good luck.
How Women Entrepreneurs Are Redefining Wealth Management
Women entrepreneurs have money and values. To succeed, wealth managers need to change their ways or risk losing their business. photo credit: rawpixel.com from Pexels
Oregon Targets High-Growth Women Entrepreneurs To Grow Its Economy
No matter where your business is — starting up or making millions — an accelerator program can take you to the next level and the next after that.
Closing The Gender Gap in Orgasms: Expect More Disruption In 2019
Erectile dysfunction in men is an accepted, talked about problem. What about women’s sexual problems? There’s a big market opportunity that male investors are overlooking.
Why Companies Like Microsoft Are Hiring People With Autism To Improve Performance
When this women entrepreneur saw a growing market gap, she came up with an innovative way to meet the marketplace need and do good. The result a highly successful business.
How Women Are Changing The Game For Women Entrepreneurs
Women investors control an increasing amount of investment decisions. Meeting their goals requires new investment options.