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When it comes to raising money, it’s not what you know but who you know. With the right networking connections you can speed up the process of raising money.
A Father’s Day Gift That Benefits Everyone
Paid family leave for both mothers and fathers will help families, entrepreneurs, and businesses. Guilherme Lemos on Unsplash
10 Ways To Win An Investment From An Angel
Yes, men get more than their share of angel funding but, with the right approach, women entrepreneurs can get their share. Photo by DESIGNECOLOGIST  via Upslash
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Successful tech entrepreneurs are helping startups by creating an ecosystem that supports all tech founders, not just those who are white men.
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If male-dominated funding sources won’t do it, women will. Women funding women will narrow the funding gap.
How Women Are Changing The Game For Women Entrepreneurs
Women investors control an increasing amount of investment decisions. Meeting their goals requires new investment options.
Support Strengthens For Female-Founded Companies And Venture Funds
Access to more equity financing opportunities is helping women-led businesses grow mega firms.
You Can Invest Like Melinda Gates Too
The smart money is on women entrepreneurs. With the right guidance, you can invest smartly in them.
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The vision to see how technology can change things is what makes an entrepreneur.