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High-Growth Black Enterprise Seeks Venture Capital To Scale
Despite financial success and growth, Black women entrepreneurs have to work hard to find financial support. The focus on the Black Lives Matter movement may help.
Supportive Investors Help Hint Water Seize Market Opportunities To Grow Substantially
Strong investor relationships helped Hint Water raise a $25 million Series D growth round enabling it to react quickly to marketplace conditions caused by the coronavirus pandemic.
A Low-Risk Way You Can Invest In Minority And Women Entrepreneurs
Individual investors can join government agencies and corporations in helping small businesses survive and get a return on their investment.
Hispanic Female Founder Raises $1 Million Via Reg CF To Improve Cancer Detection
New funding options make it easier for women and minority entrepreneurs to raising financing.
Supplier Diversity Will Help Businesses Large And Small Recover From Pandemic
Small businesses will be a critical factor in the economic recovery. They add innovation, flexibility and stability to supply chains.
Learning The Language Of Investors Enabled This Founder To Raise $15 Million
To successfully pitch your business to angels and venture capitalists, you need to know what the investor cares about.
The Next Decade Will Bring More Venture Capital To Female Founders
Funding for women entrepreneurs is becoming easier. This article focuses on venture capital for female founders. A second article will focus on the use of alternative financing by women entrepreneurs. Credit: Flickr
Catalyzing Financial Inclusion With Venture Capital
Whether you’re a venture capitalist or a startup, targeting low income groups offers the potential of higher ROI.
When The Corporate Path Is The Best Route For An Entrepreneur
The skills Jolyne Caruso-Fitzgerald learned as an entrepreneur and on nonprofit boards opened opportunities at UBS.
Women Entrepreneurs Get Another Funding Option
Not everyone wants VC or angel investment. Now, there’s another option for women entrepreneurs and investors who support them.
Introductions Help Female Founders Be 13 Times More Successful Fundraising
When it comes to raising money, it’s not what you know but who you know. With the right networking connections you can speed up the process of raising money.