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Smart VCs Recognize That Black Female Founders May Lead The Next Unicorns
A new social network is coming to town. It’s not from a white male techie but a Black woman influenced by the music scene and hair fashion industry. Big names are betting it will be a breakout success.
Child Care Benefits May Be As Important As Healthcare If You Want To Keep Top Employees
In the chaos caused by the pandemic, businesses need to rethink the benefits they offer. Without child care among the benefits, companies may lose valuable employees. Credit: Standsome Worklifestyle via Unsplash
Female Founders Reap Life-Long Benefits From Springboard Programs
By building a 360-degree network for female founders, Springboard gives its participants and alumni the support needed to scale sustainably.
5 Ways The 50 Fastest Growing Women-Run Businesses Survive The Coronavirus And Thrive
During hard times, savvy women entrepreneurs don’t keep doing business as usual. They pivot and change, and grow.
Inspiring The Next Generation Of Black Female Founders To Become Mentors And Investors
When you’ve built a successful business and exited, pass it on: After you succeed, help others do so, too.
When A Women Entrepreneur Pivoted Her Business, Her Opportunities For Growth Grew
Becoming a certified women-owned business can help you win contracts with local, state, and federal government as well as corporations. Diversifying revenue streams helps increase revenue and reduce risk. Both strategies can help reduce volatility during the coronavirus pandemic.
VCs Are Missing Out On ROI By Short-Changing Founders Of Color
COVID-19 exacerbates gender, race, ethnicity disparities in venture for founders of color.
Purpose Drives Innovation And Transformation For A Food Business During The Crisis
Your mission can guide you to new growth during crises, and can inspire and motivate employees.
How This Founder Went From Serving People With Lyme Disease To Serving The One In Three People With Chronic Conditions
Supporting entrepreneurs can take many forms from grants to providing access to capital and from expanding their networks of mentors and peers to providing training that addresses both hard and soft skills.
Grit: The Entrepreneurial Quality Of Successful Black Female Founders
Blindness to the diversity of success costs entrepreneurs, consumers and investors. But more and more diverse women do succeed.
Luck And Smarts Help This Entrepreneur Succeed
Smart entrepreneurs prepare so they’re ready when opportunity knocks.