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RSF Finance Takes Two Approaches To Help Women Fund Their Businesses
When investors focus on diversity, not just profit, new opportunities open both for their ROI and for entrepreneurs.
Kabbage: The Care And Feeding Of A Fintech Unicorn
Alternative financing – especially for small, minority- and women-owned businesses – are helping small businesses grow.
Finding Growth Capital Does Not Have To Be A Challenge For Female Founders
You don’t have to give away control of your company in order to scale. Better alternatives for growth capital may be right for you.
How The Right Partners Made It Easy To Become A Global Business
When the U.S. market is saturated, entrepreneurs need to acquire the skills to tap global markets.
Krista Morgan of P2Binvestor Overcomes Naysayers To Fund Growing Small Businesses
Finding the right market niche is only one part of growing your business. You also need the support and insight of fellow founders.
How Mastercard Helps Women Entrepreneurs Get The Loans They Need
When banks won’t loan to women entrepreneurs, CDFIs will. Mastercard is helping to build that ecosystem so more women can raise money for their businesses.
How Women Can Get The Loans Their Businesses Need
If the banks won’t lend to you, who will? Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) give more than money to underrepresented entrepreneurs, such as women and minorities.
What Type of Women Venture Capitalists Will The Midas Touch Pass To
When it comes to VC fund management, the characteristics that determine success are about to change. Aileen Lee of Cowboy Ventures and Kristen Green of Forerunner Ventures via Flickr 
How Women Entrepreneurs Are Redefining Wealth Management
Women entrepreneurs have money and values. To succeed, wealth managers need to change their ways or risk losing their business. photo credit: rawpixel.com from Pexels
Canada Invests $2 Billion In Women Entrepreneurs To Grow The Economy By $150 Billion
Some countries know that if they want to grow their economy it’s women entrepreneurs  that will help them do it.
How Founders Take Back Their Companies Without Angering Investors
Sometimes even the best relationships reach an end. When founders and investors no longer agree, they can split up without a fight.