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The Right Mindset Helps Business Financing Provider Succeed
It takes a founder to recognize the pain points of other founders. When a serial entrepreneur realized founders needed better funding options, she filled the need. Revenue-based financing offers founders financing without diluting their equity.
How Government Can Counter Coronavirus’ Impact On Women Entrepreneurs
Just as women-owned businesses were making breakthroughs, the pandemic threatens to set them back, but we don’t have to let that happen. We have the tools to protect them. Let’s use them. Photo Credit: Christina Wocintechchat via Unsplash
Nevertheless She Persisted: How A Female Fintech Founder Raised Her Seed Round
To get needed funding, women entrepreneurs must overcome bias as well as come up with great business plans.
Financial Fitness Like Healthcare Must Be Available To Everyone: A Startup Makes It Possible
Saving for your future and paying bills on time will be even more difficult in the coming days — unless you are financially fit. There’s a gym that can help you.
Alternative Financing Helps Health Startup Grow
The usual financing options may not be the best for your startup. You need to understand all your financing options so you can use the right financing option in the right amount at the right cost.
How To Prevent The Pandemic From Taking A Greater Toll On Women Entrepreneurs
Everyone’s pulling together during the pandemic. That equality must continue if the economy is going to recover. To restart the economy, women, especially women of color must be included in recovery plans.
A Conference Planner Plans For Recovery After Coronavirus Business Plunge
As revenues collapse, one business owner plans how she will harness the economic recovery. Plan now so your business is ready for the recovery when it comes.
A Woman Entrepreneur Disrupts The Middle Market Commercial Banking Industry
It may sound counterintuitive but innovative financial technologies are helping a new bank bring back relationship banking to middle market clients.
Closing The Small Business Financing Gap: Invoice Factoring Basics
To manage the cash flow of your business, consider all your financing options, including using your receivables.
Closing The Small Business Financing Gap: The ABCs Of Merchant Cash Advance
Small businesses have more options for financing than they realize. Before you choose your financing, do the numbers for your business and research your options.
New Options Close the Financing Gap For Women Entrepreneurs In The Next Decade
Venture capital gets most of the media’s attention, but the truth is less than 1% of women entrepreneurs will raise it. In this second of two articles, we look at how tech-enabled financing options will make it easier for the 99% of other entrepreneurs to raise financing. credit: Flickr