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50% of businesses fail in their first 5 years. We improve those odds by doing research to understand the needs of entrepreneurs and best practices in supporting them. Based on those insights, we develop training, educational content and advocacy initiatives so every entrepreneur, from startup to major player, thrives.

When businesses thrive, our clients — American Express, Dell, QuickBooks and NYC Small Business Services, National Women’s Business Council — also thrive.


Use the power of diversity to unleash entrepreneurial innovation, economic growth, job creation and prosperity for all.


Share knowledge that levels the playing field for ALL entrepreneurs, no matter their gender, color, ethnicity, socio-economic class or geographic location.

Company values

Unlocking innovation requires diversity of thought and diversity of people. To solve challenges and seize opportunities, we need to welcome ideas from everybody — especially those impacted the most.

Knowledge is power. Provide inspirational, practical and actionable information about entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship is better together. Entrepreneurship is not an individual sport. The most successful entrepreneurs seek advice from co-founders, funders, employees, mentors, experts, customers, friends, family and, most especially, peers.

Purpose leads to success. Your purpose — the ‘Why’ you do what you do — is your North Star. Use it to attract the talent, partners and customers who are are aligned with your values.

Leverage corporate and government self-interest for mutual benefit. Entrepreneurial success isn’t just in the best interest of the entrepreneur. Corporations and government agencies are realizing that the success of entrepreneurs is their success, too. Use that self-interest to build win-win partnerships that help both partners succeed.

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