Top 4 Web Pages Show Demand for Curation, Focused Resources
Top 4 Web Pages Show Demand for Curation, Focused Resourcesback

I try to practice what I preach so I keep an eye on my website metrics. And I’ve noticed some trends, the most notable being that people want easily accessed information about social media, aggregated in a useful collection. My most popular website pages were curated resources to help people learn about social media.

Most popular was our list of 25 Best Social Media for Social Good Blogs. That may reflect the fascination people have for numbered lists but I think it reflects the need for direction in the blizzard of information out there.

Up next, the One Stop Social Media Resource page we initiated this year, a consolidated listing of general resources, online classes, case studies, and tools for values-driven organizations — nonprofits, social enterprises, and socially responsible companies. It helps to have information focused on your sector, all in one place.

Next in popularity, our downloadable ebook, Social Media for Your Nonprofit: Take Charge! Again, a resource for those wanting easily digested information about how to use social media.

And last but not least, specific information about one social medium that is underutilized: LinkedIn. Putting the Power of LinkedIn to Use for Your Nonprofit is another resource list, this one focused on information about using LinkedIn for fundraising, board development, partnerships, and staff recruitment.

My conclusion: People really want help finding information that pertains to their sector, their challenges, and their interests. It’s a very congested information highway out there. Finding a short cut to your destination is always welcome.

With that in mind, I’m setting up a new resource center. Guiding the Way for Ambitious Women Entrepreneurs will provide information women entrepreneurs can use to power-up their businesses; provide hand-holding when needed; and analysis to clarify options.

There’s a growing recognition that if women had the same rate of $1 million plus businesses as men the economy would be humming. Not only do women face the same challenges as men, they face some that are unique.

On our resource site, we’ll talk with women who lead high-growth companies, to find out what works and where the pitfalls are. Content will also be drawn from top-notch sources such as The New York Times, Forbes, and Women 2.0, among others. I’ll also provide my own commentary and analysis.

It’s in beta test now, which means I’m open — wide open! — to comments and suggestions. Please, check it out.

Let me know what you like, don’t like, and what else you’re looking for. I want this to be a top contender in my “best of 2012” list.