Guiding the Way for Ambitious Women Entrepreneurs -- beta

Women are 50% more likely to start businesses than the national average, yet are 70% less likely than men to own a business with revenue of $1 million-plus, according to The American Express OPEN State of Women-Owned Business Report.

ventureneer-guiding-women-entrepreneursTo break through that ceiling, women need concise, practical advice and guidelines that don’t waste valuable entrepreneurial time searching the internet for relevant information.

Ventureneer has pulled together – all in one place -- information women entrepreneurs can use to power-up their businesses; provide hand-holding when needed; and analysis to clarify options.

Content is drawn from top-notch sources, from Forbes to Women 2.0,  from Inc. to the Kauffman Foundation and includes insight’s from Ventureneer’s president, Geri Stengel.

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Geri's idea

I love the idea of someone looking seriously as entrepreneurship as a career choice. What a concept!?!?! And your goal to have women see themselves as producing a product or a service that can gross over $1MM is a delight in and of itself!
Keep up the great work and keep us thinking in terms of $1MM as a reasonable and reachable goal.
You go, girl!

Geri's idea

Thanks for your enthusiasm and support. There are already stellar examples of high-growth women entrepreneurs. Let's hope the number grows.

I would say its because men

I would say its because men are more likely to take risks on business while women on the social media. Both sexes are equally risk-prone, just in different ways.
Stress tends to force men to take risks, and the more they experience a risky situation they tend to perceived as less risky. I think the idea of making entrepreneurship as a career choice is rather a bold move yet I think in my own opinion can yield good results. Many wants to start a business but only few are passionate about it. Nice article, kudos to you Geri. I hope many women will read this eye-opener article, those in millionaire mind Calgary will see this as a very helpful reference.

i like this post

thanks great post for "Guiding the Way for Ambitious Women Entrepreneurs -- beta" i like this