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Crowdfunding Success Indicates Small Businesses And Startups Worthy Of Government Matching Program
If approved, the Main Street Recovery Co-Investment Fund can get meritorious small businesses and high-growth companies the debt and equity investments they need to recover and grow. It’s a model that’s been proven effective.  Photo credit: Jordan Conner via Unsplash
Startups Can Attract Top Talent If They Are Passionate And Focus On Recognized Pain Point
When top talent is in high demand, startups need to build their networks and showcase how their service will solve a major pain point for their target market.
The Childcare Crisis Limits Women Entrepreneurs’ Potential
Without good childcare, women can’t fully participate in the workforce, including entrepreneurship. The US needs to have a comprehensive strategy that addresses the affordability of childcare and the wages of the people who care for our most precious resource-young children. Attribution: Element5 Digital via Unsplash
Black Women Entrepreneurs Need Support To Keep Their Communities Strong
Black communities have been hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic with Black-owned business experiencing the highest closure rate of all groups. Especially vulnerable are Black-women-owned businesses. Grants could provide the financing they need to survive the crisis. Photo Credit: Christine at WOC in TechChat via unsplash
Innovate, Disrupt And Reinvent The Playbook To Grow Your Startup During The Coronavirus Crisis And Always
If business-as-usual blocks your startup’s growth, change the rules. Innovation keeps the economy-and your startup-growing.
Women’s Healthcare: A Market Ripe For Disruption Lacks Investment
Women entrepreneurs have a better understanding of women’s health and they are using that knowledge to reshape healthcare for women. Photo Credit: Zack Vessels via Unsplash
Building A Business By Solving Problems For Small Businesses
Entrepreneurs often start a business to solve a problem they’ve encountered. But to get venture capitalists to invest in that business, they need to learn what VCs want from an investment.
How Educating Herself Gave A Founder Access To Venture Capital
You’ve found your niche, now learn the ropes before asking for angel or venture funds. The more you know, the better your chances.
Mastercard And Hello Alice Team To Close The Resource Gap For Women Entrepreneurs
Women entrepreneurs can inspire and support each other in the Her Ideas community.
10 Ways To Ensure Successful Strategic Alliances
Business alliances of any kind take planning and commitment from all parties in order to succeed.
Alibaba, Amazon, And The Oscars Ensure This Woman’s Business Is Off To A Good Start
You never know when you’ll get that big break, in Hollywood or in business. Do your homework, lay the groundwork and you may be as lucky as this woman.