Where Can Women-led Tech Companies Find the Connections They Need?
Where Can Women-led Tech Companies Find the Connections They Need?back

What do Robin Chase of Zipcar, Gail Goodman of Constant Contact ,and Linda Hall Keller of MinuteClinic have in common? They’re all women-led companies that have gone through Springboard programs.

Venture-catalyst Springboard Enterprises connects entrepreneurs with investors and industry experts to build successful women-led businesses. Since 2000, they’ve helped 480+ women-led companies raise $5.5B in equity financing and offered ongoing support to program participants through access to its vast network of industry experts, investors and seasoned entrepreneurs.

It’s a woman’s way over the barricades that block her business growth. So don’t hold back from joining the competition.

The value of networks to improve financing, innovation, and access to resources is a given. As the Global Enterpreneruship Monitor: 2010 Women’s Report found, overall, the men and women entrepreneurs who had larger and more diverse networks, and those who emphasized non-private advisors (business, professional, etc.), reported greater levels of innovation, internationalization and growth expectations. Yet compared to men, women’s networks were overall smaller and less diverse, relying more on friends than on outside experts, conditions that were associated with lower innovation and growth expectations.

If you don’t like networking, bite the bullet and do it anyway. It’s important, especially when such great connections are on tap.

Springboard Enterprises is recruiting women-led businesses in the digital media and technology sector to participate in Springboard: Media & Tech 2012, which is designed to promote and support women-led companies seeking equity investments and strategic partnerships.

Springboard: Media & Tech 2012 is a community-driven accelerator that gives participants access to relationship building; targeted in-person and virtual coaching sessions with industry experts; and an array of presentation assessment opportunities that will provide multiple layers of feedback as well as give selected companies the chance to strut their stuff for potential investors and strategic partners.

The program isn’t about a one-time give-away of funding. It’s about making the connections that can help you access and leverage human capital now and in the future. Selected entrepreneurs get something of long-term value, a “Personal Advisory Board,” coaches and connection-makers. 

Springboard is looking for great women-led media/tech companies in either growth- or seed-stage, that are ready for an institutional round of funding. Applications open until June 5. If you even feel a twinge of excitement about this, click here to apply by June 5.

Whatever you do, don’t become one of those women who are afraid to put themselves forward because they don’t fill the bill 100%. Building networks is one of the key success factors for high-growth companies.

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