Social Media Week and Ventureneer’s Social Media Library: Lots to Think About!
Social Media Week and Ventureneer’s Social Media Library: Lots to Think About!back

Oh, my! It�s like a smorgasbord: So much good stuff to choose from, I don�t know where to begin! And if I choose too much, I�ll explode!

Social Media Week events (February 7 – 11) are free, including one focused on using social media for social good here in New York. But Social Media transcend borders so this is global: San Francisco, Rome, Paris, Toronto, Sao Paulo, London, Hong Kong and Istanbul will all host events throughout the week. Updates will be available via social media for those who cannot attend.

If that isn�t enough, Ventureneer is adding to the mix, with the opening of its social media resource center for socially responsible small businesses, social entrepreneurs, and nonprofits: Everything you wanted to know about social media for social good but didn�t know whom to ask.

With so much conversation going on about social media, it seems a good time to officially launch Ventureneer�s Social Media Library, where we�ve aggregated � and will continually update � the resources values-driven organizations need to use social media well.

One of those resources will be a list of the Best Blogs About Social Media for Social Good. We�re asking for your nominations before February 28. We�ll post the best of the best on March 31 so check back to find out what you�ve been missing.

We�d like to acknowledge Jon Hardie and the members of the LinkedIn group Social Media for Nonprofit Organizations (SM4NPO) who collaborated with us to develop a preliminary list of trusted sources for blogs, tools, alerts, books, and other resources. Updated regularly, the list has been a key source for our staff as we looked at what�s being written about social media for social good.

Tell us about the Social Media Week events you attended? What did you learn? What did you need that wasn�t there?