Put Out the Welcome Mat and Opportunity Will Come Knocking
Put Out the Welcome Mat and Opportunity Will Come Knockingback

Some people have all the luck, so the old lament goes, but those lucky folks were ready when opportunity came knocking. Their business vision was clear and their minds open to new ideas so they could throw the door wide open and say “Come on in.”

The title of Beth Goldstein’s soon-to-be released book Lucky by Design, says it all.

We nudge Lady Luck in our direction when we’ve planned for success: You’ve got to buy the lottery ticket before you can win.

Lucky breaks don’t take you by the hand and walk you down the road to success. You have to be ready to work with a new situation while still being true to the vision you have for your business. Opportunities usually come after a lot of planning and hard work; perseverance in the face of not-so-opportune situations; and a willingness to work ‘til you drop to realize your dreams.

The Roman philosopher Seneca said it best, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

Business owners who consider themselves “lucky” are 2 to 3 times more likely to engage in business growth activities. This includes planning;research; developing a distinct value proposition; product development; and sales outreach. Successful entrepreneurs aren’t sitting on the front porch, waiting for opportunity to saunter up the road. They’re paving the road.

Successful business people understand that, with hard work and preparation, they’ll be able to see what others can’t: an obstacle can become an opportunity, an opportunity that they’ll be ready to seize.

In her book, Beth provides a Lucky By Design Roadmap. Your goals and vision are your North Star. The highways on the map are the alignment and successful delivery of your value proposition. The streets are the execution of your plan. Having a roadmap helps you prioritize activities to maximize profit.

Throughout the book, Beth provides worksheets to guide the development of your own roadmap for business growth.

If you want to get the low-down on designing your own luck and business growth, Ventureneer is hosting a free webinar presented by Beth Goldstein, author of Lucky by Design.

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