Networking and Learning: It’s How Businesses Grow
Networking and Learning: It’s How Businesses Growback

Just a reminder — well, maybe I’m nagging a bit; I have been saying it for a long time — it’s not a sign of weakness to ask for help. Too often entrepreneurs — especially women — think they have to do it all. But that’s not true, according to the very successful women I’ve been interviewing.

Everyone of them cited help from others, in one form or another, as a factor in her success. Dareth Colburn, USABride, relied on self-improvement seminars to help her set goals. Her latest goal: taking her company to $5 million in revenue.

Several cited supportive husbands, who valued their wife’s work and helped out with child care. Others had business partners who provided complementary skills and encouragement during the rough patches.

Many pointed to networking groups, from trade associations to groups of fellow entrepreneurs with whom they could brainstorm problems and opportunities.

Some, such as Karen Barbour of The Barbour Group, relied on the Small Business Development Center. Hester Taylor Clark, founder The Hester Group, used them all: local business associations, mentors, the SBA, and training offered by American Express OPEN.

The point is: Don’t just do the same old thing, year after year. Don’t try to figure your way out of conundrums on your own. Stay fresh, invigorated, up to date, and draw on the experience of others to keep your business responsive and growing.

Just a reminder.

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