Fellow Schizo-preneurs, Arise! Let’s Make Ourselves Visible on LinkedInback

by Marc Halpert

Recently at a networking luncheon in New York City, when it was my turn in the introductions portion of the agenda, I dubbed myself a “schizo-preneur.” Some eyebrows rose and there were a few chuckles, but the point I was making is that I have two seemingly divergent businesses that I manage to bring together to help my clients.

As the others introduced themselves, there appeared to be other “schizos” like me — more than a dozen in a room of 45 networking colleagues! I submit that this economy has forced entrepreneurs to open multiple businesses to keep the cash flow pipeline full(er).

So how can you portray yourself best, given your different business interests? How do you show that you can be a valuable business partner?

That’s a challenge no doubt experienced by others on LinkedIn. For me, the easiest answer is to be visible in LinkedIn’s database searches in both (all) of your business segments. I show my coaching clients how to overcome their seeming lack of focus and how to express their multiple selves clearly on LinkedIn.

Recognizing an unfilled niche, I seized on it — that’s what schizo-preneurs do! When I floated the idea of a webinar about meshing and magnetizing multiple LinkedIn profiles, many other schizos responded enthusiastically.

So a class there will be. The topic of the 90-minute virtual course I am giving for Ventureneer on Wednesday Oct 12th at 2:00 pm ET is Multiple Businesses? Make Your LinkedIn Profile Work for Them All. It will be personal; you can ask questions about your own schizo situation. (BTW, Ventureneer is owned by another fellow schizo-preneur Geri Stengel.)

The price has been kept low and the rewards will be rich if you participate.

Join me to discuss how to best show yourself and your various business interests on LinkedIn.

Marc Halpert has started two companies to optimize the cash flow of and speed collections to businesses and nonprofits. He uses his skills in networking and his LinkedIn evangelism to train and coach others.