Chipping Away At The Iceberg: I’m Thankful For That
Chipping Away At The Iceberg: I’m Thankful For Thatback

Sometimes we lose sight of the forest for the trees. Yes, climate change continues. Yes, we are still fouling our own nests with toxic chemicals, garbage, and excess consumption. Yes, the gap between rich and poor continues to grow.

That’s a pretty big forest, dark, dank, and depressing.

But let’s focus on the trees for just a minute:

  • the many social enterprises that are each chipping away at the mess, at a community level or a by bringing global resources to stricken communities
  • the increasing number of corporations who are “getting it,” “it” being the need for sustainable products and decent working conditions, if only because it helps their bottom line
  • the number of conferences and big guns interested in funding social impact investment and the efforts they are making to find a way to balance social good with return on investment
  • the ever-changing technology that allows new, lower cost business models for nonprofits, small businesses and social enterprises.
  • the growth of B-corporations, L3Cs, and 1-percent companies that incorporate social value into their mission

Do I think the battle’s won. Not by a long shot! But I do think progress is being made. For that, I’m thankful.