Changing The World One Period At A Time
Changing The World One Period At A Timeback

Like many other entrepreneurs, Miki Agrawal starts companies based on her needs and the needs of those she cares about. When she sees an unmet need, she fills it.

In 2005, when her twin sister, Radha, had one of those embarrassing moments during a three-legged race at a family barbecue — she got her period and soiled her bathing suit — Miki and Radha had an “aha” moment. With all the innovation in the world, there had to be a better way.

Miki’s second “aha” moment happened when she asked a school-aged girl in South Africa why she wasn’t in school. The girl’s response: “It’s my week of shame.” The girl had tried rags, leaves, mattress filling, and mud, but nothing worked. So, once a month for a week, she stayed home from school, just like 100 million other girls in developing countries around the world.