It’s never too soon to start “changing the scope of your dreams,” whether you are a small business or a nonprofit. For inspiration, start with The Story of Orabrush. Note two things: Persistence in looking for options and an upside-down way of looking at statistics.

As you’ll see in the video, a small percent of an enormous market is a really big market.

Now, think of some new ways to approach your marketing and development challenges. How can you better tell and disseminate your story? Who do you really need to reach? How can a small enterprise make an impact?

Get through the dark days of winter with inspiration and bright ideas from people who have used social media to enlarge their base of customers, clients, and supporters. Check out some creative ideas and start brainstorming your own wild ideas. It’s fun, relieves the doldrums, and leads to some surprising results. You might:

  • Make your first video for YouTube or your website.
  • Explore the wealth of Facebook apps that apply to small businesses and nonprofits.
  • Reach a market you didn’t know was there.

My suggestions for inspiration include:

These barely scratch the surface but they should get you thinking of ways to bring in something “new” in 2011 and encourage you to expand your dreams. Plus, they’ll lighten up the days.

How has your business or nonprofit used social media to expand its base of customers or supporters? How are you going to use social media in 2011?