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LinkedIn for Nonprofits: Putting Your Best Brand Forward

Date/Time Thursday, September 23, 2010, 12n-1:30 pm ET

You, too, can use LinkedIn as a rich source of contacts, donors, prospective board members, and volunteers.

But first you have to develop a profile that makes you, your organization, and its brand stand out.

In this one-session Vcourse, you are the focus. With the help of our expert instructor, you will develop a LinkedIn profile that makes people want to know and work with both you and your organization. You'll learn what attracts people to a cause, and makes them willing to donate time and money.

At the end of the class, you'll have a smart, polished profile -- for yourself and your organization -- that stands out on LinkedIn. And you'll have a brand-building strategy for using LinkedIn tools to showcase your organization.

Of course, a great profile is useless if no one finds it. In this online seminar, we'll show you how to reach out to and be found by new contacts who may become donors, board members, or volunteers.

You'll learn to:

  • Optimize your private profile, section by section.

  • Create a compelling profile page for your organization in a few easy steps.

  • Look your absolute best and be an active participant in the LinkedIn community:

    • Join and contribute to industry and other peer groups effectively.

    • Arrange to meet new people you who can contribute time or money to the organization.

    • Add blogs, tweets, advertising, videos ,and presentations to your profile.

    • Ask questions of your peer group.

    • Become an expert answerer.


For nonprofits, these LinkedIn functions can complement and enhance your ongoing networking strategies and feed the donor pipeline.

Caution: “ah-ha” moments have been reported from this webinar. Don't take our word for it. Listen to what our students have to say:

"Marc does a great job of making the complex simple and understandable for non-techies, and drives home the basics of effectively using LinkedIn and other social networking for business. Among lessons I learned: 

  • daily use and maintenance, much like exercise or other habits; 

  • joining affinity groups for news and exposure; 

  • understanding and using apps.

"Marc Halpert is an engaging, friendly speaker who has mastered LinkedIn and its various nuances. It is well worth the effort to sign up.

The class allows time for questions and answers. It is personalized, practical, and – an important factor these days! – affordable. People at all levels in a nonprofit organization can benefit:

  • If you have created a LinkedIn profile by merely copying and pasting portions of your resume, come learn how to really make cosmetic changes that will make you stand out.
  • If you are a frequent user, come learn easy new tweaks and improvements.
  • If you are anywhere in-between, get ready to jumpstart your LinkedIn presence.

Who Should Attend?

People at all levels in nonprofits, from the executive officers to staffers, who work on marketing, development or outreach.

Marc W. Halpert, Managing Partner, Your Best Interest LLC

Marc W. Halpert  is Managing Partner, Your Best Interest LLC and its divisions: e-giving and connect2collaborate.
Since leaving the corporate world  in 2001, Halpert has started two companies offering  paperless electronic payment services to optimize the cash flow of and speed collections to: 

  • retailers, particularly small- and mid-sized businesses (Your Best Interest LLC)
  • professional and membership groups, and not-for-profit organizations (e-giving).

In his latest business, Connect2Collaborate, Halpert uses his skills in networking and his LinkedIn evangelism to train and coach others. Connect2Collaborate gives business people with whom he connects the opportunity to become clients of his customized cash flow and payment services. Everyone benefits simultaneously: improved business cash flow and new business collaboration.

He has been recognized for client service and is a frequent speaker at national, regional, and local conferences for small businesses and nonprofits. He has also authored articles on innovations in cash flow technologies, and on LinkedIn as a powerful branding power.

He serves as an instructor at the University of Phoenix’s Fairfield County on-ground campus, where he teaches finance, management, and business ethics.

He volunteers as a counselor at the award-winning Norwalk, CT chapter of SCORE where he provides expertise in e-commerce, nonprofits, and social media. He also teaches LinkedIn to job-seekers at Connect to Care at Westchester Jewish Community Services in Westchester County, NY.

Halpert holds a BA in International Relations from the University of Virginia and his MBA in International Business from George Washington University.