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How to Manage Nonprofit Executive Transition

DateMay 17, 2012

It's a pivotal moment for the nonprofit sector, as Baby Boomers retire in record numbers, nonprofit chief executives among them. Qualified, experienced leaders aren’t easy to find and, therefore, leadership transitions must be planned and carried out more thoughtfully than ever. 

Transition is a risky event, yet boards often rush to fill an executive vacancy without fully understanding the risks or considering how the change can be leveraged to benefit the organization. Boards need to ask if the leadership needs of the organization have changed since the last transition, and consider how to transform a possible leadership crisis into an opportunity. Skilled, intentionally managed transitions strengthen organizations and equip them to recruit and retain strong leaders for the future.

This webinar will explain executive transition management (ETM):
• the three phases of the transition process
• the risks, challenges and opportunities presented
• the role professional interim leaders can play
• the attributes of a successful transition
• the importance of preparing for transitions through succession planning

Webinar presented in collaboration with MYcorportation

Who Should Attend?
  • Nonprofit board members
  • Executive directors
  • Funders
  • Nonprofit consultants



John W. Corwin, Principal, Corwin Consulting, LLC

John Corwin has worked for 40 years in the nonprofit/public interest sector. He has served as interim CEO for 10 nonprofits undergoing leadership transition. His insight into nonprofit leadership also comes from working in the nonprofit sector as Executive Director of The Glaucoma Foundation and practicing public interest law at The Legal Aid Society, the Center for Constitutional Rights, and the New York Attorney General’s office, where he was Chief of the Consumer Frauds and Protection Bureau. Mr. Corwin is a member of the Alliance for Nonprofit Management, the American Society of Association Executives, Governance Matters, New York Technical Assistance Providers (NYTAP), and Board Source. He graduated from M.I.T. and Harvard Law School.