What Does Your Umbrella Say About Your Business?

by Randy Epstein

What type of umbrella do you use?  

  1.   The one your company or bank gave you?  
  2.   The one you chose and bought because it was super big or punk?
  3.   Or the one you quickly grabbed from the shelf on your way to the office?

business preparation, rainy daysAs I walked to my first meeting in New York this morning, it struck me that umbrellas come in every size and variety. Some are used for people to hide behind. Others, like mine, are see-through. Yet others are walking billboards with huge branding messages on them.  

Businesses have umbrellas too. Rain falls on everyone at times. Are you prepared with a business umbrella? What does it say about you? Or will you have to make do with a nondescript, cheap umbrella?

What you use to protect yourself from the rain defines you. Do you have an umbrella ready in case of a rainy day in your business?

Randy Epstein, founder & CEO of Randy Joy & Co ignites your Entrepreneurial Success by Aligning your Values, Vision and Strategy.



Good metaphor, Randy. My number one criterion is that the umbrella doesn't turn inside out when the storm hits, leaving me blinded by the rain- or a rib in the eye! Like the idea of a clear umbrella for business - provides cover but let's you see as far ahead as possible - and quickly figure out when the clouds are lifting.


Charlotte - Yes, I agree clear umbrellas give you the ability to see ahead.