Social Media: A New Way to Pass Wisdom on to Leaders

Did you know that only 20% of what is done on the job is learned formally? That’s a whole lot of learning – 80% -- that gets done socially or informally. Social learning happens frequently and happens a lot when colleagues get together, whether they be leaders of small businesses or nonprofits.

leaders learning sociallyPeople learn from each other – observing, imitating and modeling. But when you’re the leader, whom do you follow? Certainly leaders learn by doing, experimenting and trial and error. But what about when you’re chowing down with another leader? You share war stories and learn from each other’s trials and tribulations. You may even ask advice or guidance.
These learning moments are important and yet, they aren’t recorded. No photo is taken, or audio or video recording of these pearls of wisdom so they can be shared with others. Not anymore.
No more wasted lessons learned, social media has come to the rescue. You got it: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, blogs (too numerous to cite any specific ones) and discussion groups (also too many mention) insure that hard-earned lessons are captured and shared.
So let’s share our wisdom, which social medium performs best for you?

For those of us with short

For those of us with short attention spans, Twitter gets my vote. Easily scanned, and then you can pick what to follow up on.

Twitter Times Two with a Blog

Anne, I never thought I'd enjoy using Twitter, but it's a great professional development tool. I like it for the same reasons as you. It's easy to scan for what's relevant then with a click of a button I can get the details. I also really like the insights that I get from reading blogs, but I may be biased because  I write a blog. Geri

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