Putting the Power of LinkedIn to Use for Your Nonprofits

As a nonprofit, you may know what it’s like to be under-appreciated so you may sympathize with LinkedIn. Everyone talks about their Facebook “likes,” and their Twitter followers but not so much about LinkedIn. It’s under-appreciated, too.

LinkedIn is a powerful and versatile social medium. Use its powerful search capability to find and research donors, board members, partners and staff. Then use your connections to make that all important introduction to the people you want to meet or LinkedIn’s InMail features.

LinkedIn for Nonprofits, How ToIf you’re stumped, turn to a LinkedIn groups to find answers to nonprofits’ most pressing questions.

We’ve put together a list of Ventureneer resources to maximize your use of LinkedIn.


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Using LinkedIn for Non-Profits

I have recently been prevented from linking to potential supporters because LinkedIn is requiring that I provide their email address. How am I going to connect with people I don't know personally? Reaching out to people to see if they are interested is going to remain a real limited endeavor if I can't even ask them with out knowing them first. That's not the way business works.

Connecting to People You Don't Know

Joseph, there are several ways to connect to people you don't know. The free version of LinkedIn only allows you to connect through your connections. Paid versions allow you to connect to people that you are completely unconnected to. The feature that you would use is InMail. The number of people you can contact through InMail varies by package . If the monthly packages don't offer enough InMails, check out LinkedIn's Recruiting packages. These are very robust.

connecting to those you do not know

You can also find out on LinkedIn who the target person knows that you might know and ask the intermediary person to put you two together. That's called an indirect connection and an example of Lynn Amos asking me to connect her to Ann Marie Brucia can be found on any of my webinars above.

Alternatively you can connect to people through a group you share and that is another way to circumvent the need to know their email address or share a connection in between.

So now you have 3 ways to connect to people you do not already know.