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Ventureneer connects values-driven small business owners, social entrepreneurs, and nonprofit leaders with the knowledge they need to make the world a better place and to thrive as businesses. At Ventureneer, entrepreneurial and nonprofit training and advice are practical, accessible, and affordable. Ventureneer uses the Web to blend traditional, formal instruction with informal, peer learning.

Keep up with the latest conversations about Ventureneer. In our press room, you'll see what we've written for other websites, what's been written about us, and our press releases. We keep an eye on the issues that matter for social enterprise, nonprofits, and small businesses, and tell you what we think.

Ventureneer in the News
Did you miss the article about our marketing success in Mashable? Or The Chronicle of Philanthropy's write-up of our take on the Social Innovation Fund brohaha? Or the story on Women Entrepreneur about how Ventureneer helps other businesses succeed? For these and other stories about Ventureneer's work and contributions to values-driven enterprises, read on.

Ventureneer Speaks Out
We're often asked to share our opinions on other websites, from Triple Pundit to Business Ethics. We're glad to be part of the conversation about social entrepreneurship, small business strategies, and nonprofit effectiveness. Check out what we've been saying.

Press Releases
When we have something noteworthy to tell you about -- our latest ebooklet, a new partnership, or a new service -- you'll find it here. A quick check of this section will let you know what we're up to and how we're growing.

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