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The Venture Crowd: Stand Out in The Crowd - Full Report

  • Did you know that women entrepreneurs generate better ROI than their male counterparts?
  • Did you know that money is a key ingredient to growing companies. Yet women entrepreneurs who aspire to scale their companies are 50% less likely to seek outside funding than their male counterparts?
  • Did you know that women are one third less likely to surpass the $1 million revenue mark than men?

Imagine an economy in which high-return companies were funded well enough to grow to their potential?

Don’t imagine it: Help do it!

Bias and fear of rejection have thwarted the aspirations of many women. Let’s get around both these challenges by using new funding options. Stand Out in the Crowd:  How Women (and Men) Benefit from Equity Crowdfunding shows women entrepreneurs and investors how they can help each other.

Men -- and especially women --  can find and and fund women entrepreneurs via crowdfunding websites such as AngelList, CircleUp, Crowdfunder and Portfolia.

Crowdfunding platforms centralize, streamline and make the process of raising money more transparent, benefiting both the entrepreneur and the investor. Crowdfunding has the potential to level the playing field for anyone raising and investing money, most especially underrepresented groups such as women and minorities. Yet, only 18% of all companies seeking equity crowdfunding are women-led companies.

Whether you’re a women entrepreneur looking for capital or an investor seeking a better ROI, Stand Out In the Crowd: How Women (and Men) Benefit From Equity Crowdfunding, provides tangible and actionable advice with deliverables, including industry benchmarks, case studies, social media best practices, key insights into how women entrepreneurs are raising money through equity crowdfunding and how investors are getting the returns they are looking for.

For those of you who don't want to provide contact information to receive the report, here's the Executive Summary. 

Get the Big Picture: Challenges and opportunities women entrepreneurs face raising capital face

We've created a visual summary highlighting the problem, obstacles and opportunities women face when fundraising for their businesses. Download it here.


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