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The Overview

Ventureneer is an eight-year  small business and entrepreneur research and education company. We use our data to advocate on behalf of small businesses and entrepreneurs and to inform the education we provide. Education takes the form of content, training and experiential events. For corporations, government agencies and foundations, Ventureneer provides branded marketing and social media opportunities that generate visibility, establish thought leadership, and build brand loyalty. Our achievements include:

  • To build thought leadership, for American Express conduct research on women entrepreneurs (State of Women-Owned Business, to be released in November of 2017) and middle market firms ($10 million to $1 billion in revenue).
  • The National Women's Business Council commissioned Ventureneer and CoreWoman to understand the diversity of Hispanic women entrepreneurs. The report sizes the current economic impact on the U.S. economy of Hispanic women entrepreneurs, and estimates what the added impact could be. Importantly, the report addresses the challenges and unleash Hispanic women entrepreneurs’ potential.
  • On behalf of the Department of Small Business:
    • Trained hundreds of small business owners and entrepreneurs to do their elevator pitch. Oversaw competition to win one $5,000 and two $$2,500 awards.
    • Trained hundreds of small business owners as a Kauffman FastTrac facilitator. 
    • Edits articles from WE NYC mentors for its website.WE NYC  is an initiative based out of the New York City Department of Small Business Services that is dedicated to helping women start and grow their businesses.
  • For clients such as Capital One, Quickbooks and tunstone, Ventureneer's team of writers have written practical actionabe content for small businesses owners and entrepreneurs achieve their goals. 
  • Undertook research aimed at helping women entrepreneurs get the equity funding they need through investment crowdfunding. Never one for theorizing, Ventureneer’s founder, Geri Stengel walked the walk, and undertook a crowdfunding challenge herself by doing a rewards-based campaign to partially fund the research. Dell and Ellenoff Grossman & Schole were also sponsors.Research was used in training and articles
  • Teaming with Dell to provide insights on how high-growth female entrepreneurs are overcoming barriers in the U.S. identified in the Gender Global Entrepreneurship and Development Index (GEDI). The book, Forget the Glass Ceiling: Build Your Business Without One was published June 2014.
  • Joining forces with GreaterNY (a New York City government-led partnership program which strengthens nonprofit organizations by harnessing the collective expertise of the government, private, and nonprofit sectors) and FMA to develop and deliver a curriculum for nonprofits starting or growing commercial ventures. 
  • Partnering with CNBC to write small business tip articles for its website, which were sponsored by a major bank.
  • Collaborating with Marden Kane, a sweepstakes company, to develop the methodology to award 12 $250,000 grants provided by a major bank to small businesses. Recruited and trained nearly 20 judges who evaluated nearly 10,000 applications.
  • Working with LinkedIn to position them as a valuable resource to nonprofits. Increased the number and effectiveness of nonprofits using LinkedIn for talent acquisition including board recruitment. Trained 2,000 people. Strategy led to successful penetration into new market, generating over 2 million impressions.
  • Creating social media outreach for Social Impact Exchange's conference in 2010 and 2011. Generated over 1 million impressions.