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Geri Stengel, President
“A baby boomer with the heart and soul of a millennial” describes Geri. She grew up believing that dedicated, thoughtful people can change the world by working together. She’s a believer still. In fact, she’s even more committed to the possibility of meaningful change because she also is a believer in technology. Technology -- from social media to cloud computing -- will allow change to happen.

Geri graduated from the corporate school of hard knocks and found her footing as an entrepreneur by applying the skills honed at Dow Jones and the Wall Street Journal to the problems of small businesses and nonprofits.

In that corporate past, Geri was a researcher, who love to ask questions, to gather, synthesize, and analyze information in order to solve problems. As a consultant to both nonprofits and for-profits, she gathers information to find solutions to problems.

A teacher by nature and  by experience, Geri has been an adjunct professor of entrepreneurship,  a business plan competition coach, and a facilitator in the Kauffman Foundation FastTrac program for entrepreneurial training.

Geri is available to speak at your event. Here is list of events she has spoken at. 

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 geri stengel, ventureneer president

David Rudofsky, CFO
David is also president of Rudofsky Associates, a financial and strategic planning consulting firm that helps clients grow revenue and manage costs. Expertise includes pricing strategy, profitability analysis, development of target margins and cash flow forecasting. David Rudofsky managed corporate and financial planning for 22 years at Kraft Foods and Altria. He holds an MBA from Wharton School of Business Management.
david rudofsky

Molly Sugarman, Writer/Editor

Writer and editor with insatiable curiosity, like the Elephant's Child. Or Kipling's other seeker, Rikki Tiki Tavi, whose motto was "Run and find out!" Those mottoes could be hers, along with "It isn't always about me," and "This, too, shall pass.” Molly writes and edits website content. For many years, she was (it was her persona!) an investigative journalist, editor, and columnist with The Sacramento Bee and other newspapers. Now she provides web content for nonprofits and social enterprises, such as Ventureneer.molly sugarman