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Social Media for Nonprofits, Social Enterprises, Socially Responsible Companies

Social media for nonprofits, social enterprises and socially responsible companies ain't optional anymore. They are an integral part of outreach, advocacy, fundraising, and client services and likely to become more so as technology advances. But nonprofits in particular are not getting all they can from social media, as we found out in our Summer 2010 Survey, Nonprofits and Social Media: It Ain't Optional, of nonprofit social media use. 

To that end, Ventureneer has compiled this one-stop, central resource of values-driven business -- socially responsible company, social enterprise and nonprofit -- social media best practices, research, learning opportunities, and conversations.

Be sure to check out our 25 Best Social Media for Social Good Blogs and Putting the Power of LinkedIn to Use for Your Nonprofits pages. 

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