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Ventureneer cares about the success of values-driven businesses. We’re one ourselves so we know the challenges and the rewards.

Ventureneer offers social enterprise, nonprofit, and small business advice from experienced sources, both professional -- marketing, accounting, financing, law -- and from your peers, who have real-world experience.

The skill and values of a company's leaders directly affects:

  • company survival
  • the number of jobs it creates
  • its profitability
  • the social impact it has
  • the amount/quality of employee benefits it provides

Our vision is to increase the vitality of organizations through education that makes leaders more effective.We offer:

  • free introductory (but complete in themselves, not come-ons for paid material) topical webinars
  • virtual courses that provide intensive instruction on crucial topics, such as strategy, team building, negotiating, marketing and leadership
  • social media training for the novice to the master, with emphasis on building quality connections
  • twice weekly blogs to encourage and inform values-driven leaders

Leading a small business, whether for-profit or nonprofit, can be isolating.

You may have no one to consult who has faced similar opportunities and challenges.
You may be told, “You’re nuts!” for taking the risk of setting out on your own.
Your friends may not get why you want to put the environment and fairness to employees above maximizing profit.

We get it.

The value of a business education -- knowledge, connections and support -- without the prohibitive cost and time commitments: That’s our goal. We do it by combining old-fashion principles like networking and mentoring with the latest technology to give you interactive, online training and connections to people with whom you can share insights and real-life experiences … at low (sometimes no) cost.

We’re big on social good. Any small business or nonprofit can benefit from Ventureneer’s classes but we are geared toward values-driven organizations: nonprofits and for-profits that make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

We’re big on social media because they leverage offline efforts and ratchet up the social good you can accomplish. We’ve got the resources that will make you a maven, whether you are completely clueless about tweetups and groups or you are addicted to following.

If improving your community matters ...
If you value employees, customer service, and ethical supply lines ...
If you want to know about socially responsible practices for small businesses …
If you want to make good strategic decisions about growing your business …
If you need to learn new skills to implement that strategy …
If you want to ramp up your use of social media ...

… contact us, because we do, too.