Decoding Financing to Help You Get The Capital Your Business Needs

If women entrepreneurs knew all their fundraising options, they would raise money faster and at less cost allowing them more time to focus on growing their businesses. This presentation decodes financing so entrepreneurs can make wise decisions when choosing the best option for themselves.

Latina E-Commerce Founder Inspires Women To Take The Entrepreneurial Leap

Overcoming challenges is what entrepreneurship is all about. This Latina immigrant founder wants to use her own experiences to show other women a path forward.

How A Purpose-Driven Startup Managed The Death Of Its Founder, Funding, And The Pandemic

Flexibility is key to handling crises, whatever the crisis may be, as one purpose driven startup found.

Strategic Partnerships And Peer Support Are Two Powerful Growth Strategies

Adjusting to a changing world may require cooperating with competitors. As strange as coopetition sounds, it may be a good strategy for growth.

The Economic Recovery Of Women Entrepreneurs Will Take More Than PPP Loans

Improvements to Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) will increase the likelihood of women entrepreneurs-especially those of color-surviving the coronavirus pandemic. However, to truly succeed women need greater access to loans through CDFIs and other forms of financing.

How Policies Aimed At Female Founders And Investors Can Reignite The Economy And Close The Gap In Opportunity

Women and diverse founders often find that VCs overlook their companies. Policy changes could incentivize new investors to look beyond race and gender.

Smart VCs Recognize That Black Female Founders May Lead The Next Unicorns

A new social network is coming to town. It’s not from a white male techie but a Black woman influenced by the music scene and hair fashion industry. Big names are betting it will be a breakout success.

8 Lessons: E-Commerce Modest Fashion Brand Opens A Storefront

Your business may be at the intersection of multiple, contradictory indicators, pulling you in very different directions. For example, one indicator may make it clear that the middle of a pandemic is not the time to open a storefront given social distancing and periodic lockdowns. Yet, the other indicator—growth in the modest fashion sector—says that …

The Right Mindset Helps Business Financing Provider Succeed

It takes a founder to recognize the pain points of other founders. When a serial entrepreneur realized founders needed better funding options, she filled the need. Revenue-based financing offers founders financing without diluting their equity.

For Successful Digital Transformation, Focus On Staff Engagement

No matter how long you’ve been in business or what industry you are in, a digital transformation is coming. Customers drive the strategy but to ensure its success include staff training in your plan.

Funding Female Founders: If Male VCs Won’t Do It, Women Angels And Limited Partners Will

Women are flexing their financial muscle and funding female founders. They are funding innovations that meet their needs, making a good return on investment (ROI), and ensuring a robust and inclusive economic recovery FemTech I Fund lead investor, Jennifer Fried trying on Bone Health’s OsteoBoost belt