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Trio of Classes Show Nonprofits How to Raise Money and Save While Learning

Date/Time Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2011 2-3:30 pm ET; Wednesday, October 5, 2011 12n-1:30 pm ET; Tuesday, October 18, 2011 2-3:30 pm ET
Cost$299, a savings of $58

We heard you.

You’re eager to use LinkedIn to find high-wealth donors, board members, volunteers, and partners who will be passionate about your mission. You know that LinkedIn is a tool every nonprofit can afford -- it’s free! -- but you’re not sure how to put zing in your profile and how to find the gold in that massive database. Having a great profile is a basic tool for connecting with major donors. If you, your team, and your nonprofit don’t shine brightly, you’ll get passed over.

But you can’t just wait, with your profile shining, for donors to come to you. You need to find and reach out to the right donors, the ones who will have a passion for your mission and the ability to support it.

Ventureneer has scheduled three nonprofit management training courses so you can learn to do all of the above and much more.

You can take just one if you really want to but why not take all three, especially since we’re giving a 15% discount when you do? It’s a 3-for-the-price of 2 deal that will take your LinkedIn efforts from muddling to masterful.

Check out what you’ll learn in this series:

LinkedIn for the Nonprofit Professional: Renovate Your Profile
Date/Time: Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2011 2-3:30 pm ET
People who work in nonprofits as staff or as high-visibility volunteers can excite interest in the nonprofit they love by renovating their own LinkedIn profiles. Ventureneer’s new online training for nonprofits shows why this synergy works and how nonprofit employees and volunteers can tap into it.

Nonprofit Leaders, Mine the Gold: Find Your Best Donor Prospects NOW!
Date/Time: Wednesday, October 5, 2011 12n-1:30 pm ET
Identify hidden nuggets in your nonprofit’s own donor database and learn to use outside databases , including LinkedIn, to find new donors. In this online seminar, you will develop and hone online research skills to better identify wealthy prospects. Bonuses included!

Top 10 Ways Nonprofits Can Build Boards and Raise Money Using LinkedIn
Date/Time: Tuesday, October 18, 2011 2-3:30 pm ET
LinkedIn is a treasure trove for nonprofit development and outreach. What’s more, it is a great way to find potential board members who have a passion for your mission and the skills your nonprofit needs now.

All classes are interactive so you can ask about your real-life problems and get answers from the pros. The series starts soon so don’t waste any time. Register now.

Who Should Attend?
  • Executive directors
  • Development directors and staff
  • Fundraising directors and staff
  • CFOs
  • Management-level staff
  • Board members
  • Active, highly visible volunteers
  • Any one connected to fundraising
Geri Stengel, Marc Halpert, Maria Semple, Geri Stengel, President, Ventureneer

Geri Stengel is A "graduate" of the corporate world, Geri is also a mentor and teacher, who is up to date on the latest and best marketing practices, including technology and social media.

At Ventureneer, Geri uses Web 2.0 technology to make networking and learning affordable, convenient, and effective, and to market Ventureneer's services. Yes, she tweets, blogs, networks on LinkedIn and Facebook, and tracks the results of each.

Bottom line: Geri knows teaching, she knows nonprofits, and she knows social media so she can help you bring your marketing, development or fundraising plan into the 21st century without numbing your mind with jargon or "computerese."

Marc W. Halpert is Managing Partner, Your Best Interest LLC and its divisions: e-giving and connect2collaborate.

Since leaving the corporate world in 2001, Halpert has started two companies offering paperless electronic payment services to optimize the cash flow of and speed collections to:

  • retailers, particularly small- and mid-sized businesses (Your Best Interest LLC)
  • professional and membership groups, and not-for-profit organizations (e-giving).

In his latest business, Connect2Collaborate, Halpert uses his skills in networking and his LinkedIn evangelism to train and coach others. Connect2Collaborate gives business people with whom he connects the opportunity to become clients of his customized cash flow and payment services. Everyone benefits simultaneously: improved business cash flow and new business collaboration.

Maria Semple is principle of The Prospect Finder LLC, an organization that helps nonprofit organizations and financial advisors identify their best matches for donors or client prospects. Her firm specializes in prospect research on high-net-worth individuals, foundations. and corporations. She also provides training seminars and webinars for staff members who wish to augment their prospect research skills.

Semple is a highly sought-after speaker whose past speaking engagements have included the Association of Professional Researchers for Advancement, the Support Center for Nonprofit Management, and New York University’s Heyman Center for Philanthropy and Fundraising. In 2007, she authored two downloadable and interactive prospecting tools, which include an extensive compilation of research resources.