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Top 10 Lies Startups Tell to Avoid Marketing

Date/Time June 7, 2011, 12n-1pm ET

Take a dose of "tough love’" to make sure you avoid the pitfalls that sideline many brilliant ideas. Marketing matters; the marketplace is harsh.

And you can come up with plenty of excuses to short-change or avoid marketing. Do you hide behind time pressures, lack of understanding, inexperience or just aren't sure what good marketing is? That's self-deception. Come out from behind that rock!

We know you've got a lot to deal with when launching a business, product or service but, as any venture capitalist will tell you, marketing makes it take off.

Even those willing to market can be daunted by the mountain of marketing information, misinformation, and gobbledegook. So how do you market in with so many options and tight time frames?

Learn 10 steps to fast-track, no-frills marketing from Sandra Holtzman, author of Lies Startups Tell Themselves to Avoid Marketing, a streamlined approach to successfully launching a product, service, or company cuts through all the side issues to deliver a sensible, usable plan for successful marketing that will get you started TODAY.

It's all about customer-focused marketing:

  • What is it?
  • How will it help your company make a splash?
  • Can you fast-track your launch?
  • What strategy will get you a faster ROI?

We'll look at a case history so you see how all the pieces come together.

Who Should Attend?
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Solo-preneurs
  • Small business owners
  • Non-profit leaders
  • Anyone who wants to increase the visibility, branding, and the ROI of their business or wants a new point of view on marketing
Sandra Holtzman, President, Holtzman

Sandra Holtzman, president and founder of Holtzman Communications, is an award-winning creative director and marketing strategist. She has extensive expertise in marketing life sciences, as well as business-to-business and consumer marketing including the launch of the Acura car.
Sandra’s solid strategies and creative thinking have proved successful for Fortune 500 companies as well as startup organizations. She specializes in working with start-ups, solopreneurs, and mature businesses in all sectors on marketing and customer-focused market research.

Sandra is the Chair of the New York Chapter of the Licensing Executives Society, facilitates FastTrac New Ventures, and teaches Licensing at the Fashion Institute of Technology.