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Social Media Best Practices for Nonprofits

DateMay 16, 2011

You've heard it a thousand times: Social media can transform the way nonprofits operate. The questions you really want answered are:

  • Which social media will help my nonprofit accomplish its mission?
  • How do we get started?
  • What are nonprofits like us doing with social media?
  • How do we make sure that what we do is worth the cost?

Social media are not created equal: Some are dynamite for advocacy, not so good for researching potential board members. Another may be great for getting answers to questions but not so good for fundraising.

You need to know which is which to develop an effective social media campaign.

Just ask the power-users who manage their media effectively. That's what we did, in our survey  Nonprofits and Social Media: It Ain't Optional! It's from these successful nonprofit users of social media that we derived the best practices you'll learn in this online seminar.

To prepare for the webinar, you might want to check out our second free ebook, Social Media for Your Nonprofit: Take Charge! This webinar is back by popular demand for its fifth airing, but it's not a rerun. It's an opportunity for a new group of nonprofit leaders to ask questions and learn from their peers.

This free nonprofit management training uses the real-life experiences of social media power-users to show you how to decide which social media are best for your nonprofits. We'll get you ready to use social media while keeping best practices in sharp focus. Anyone who might be part of your social media program – marketing, development, client services, human resources – will find useful, jargon-free information in this ebook.

We'll talk about:

  • raising money
  • building awareness about your cause
  • advocacy
  • mobilizing supporters

The class will be taught by Stengel, who is a recognized social media expert. She’ll show you how to focus your time on what really matters:

  • knowing whom you want to reach
  • what you want to accomplish
  • which social media reach your target audience
  • how to measure effectiveness

This isn’t theory: Geri will have real-life case studies and practical solutions to problems that nonprofits deal with everyday

Like all Ventureneer classes, you won't be overwhelmed with techno-babble and you'll be able to ask questions. You'll leave understanding your social media options and how they can work for you.

Who Should Attend?

Nonprofit staff at all levels of communications, marketing, development, advocacy, and public relations programs.


Geri Stengel , President, Ventureneer

Geri Stengel is founder and president of Ventureneer, a content marketing, marketing research and education company that helps companies reach small businesses. As a writer (author of Forget the Glass Ceiling: Building Your Business Without One and Stand Out In the Crowd: How Women (and Men) Benefit From Equity Crowdfunding and Forbes contributor writing about the success factor of women entrepreneurs), consultant, teacher (Kauffman FastTrac facilitator and former adjunct professor at The New School) and speaker, Geri has helped thousands of entrepreneurs take their vision to reality, develop their business plan, and learn the strategies and tactics they need to grow their businesses.

Geri Stengel