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Show Me the Money: Fundraising That Taps into The 90% of All Wealth That Is Not Cash

Date/TimeTuesday, January 22, 2013 3-4pm ET

Want some great reasons for your charity to take any and all non-cash donations? Wonder why other charities seem to increase their fundraising in good years and bad years, quickly build up their endowments, have the resources they need? Well, find out in the webinar. Here’s the real story:

This is personal. Russ’s wife was diagnosed with a rare terminal disease some years ago. She owes her life to the extraordinary work of the charity that supports her illness. That charity has had the resources to provide so much because it takes advantage of almost anything a generous donor wants to contribute.

That got Russ to thinking: What if the charity had not taken those donations? Would his wife and other needy people still be alive? Would she be doing as well as she is doing? Why are charities leaving so much money on the table? If 90% of the wealth is not cash, why shouldn’t charities be thinking out of the (cash) box? What would it do for the world if all charities took advantage of the 90% of wealth that donors want to contribute?

This webinar is hosted by CJW Consulting Services through a partnership with Nonprofit Webinars.


  • A simple 3-step process any charity can use to open themselves up to significant non-cash donations . . . almost instantly
  • A powerful incentive – we are just starting to see the greatest transfer of wealth the world has ever seen, as baby boomers age (and guess what they have most of?)
  • Perhaps the most powerful reason for taking non-cash donations – you are helping your donors
  • A charity’s (free) offer to help any charity take non-cash donations: tools, resources, phone support
  • A Donate Rescue program that will take a charity’s discards and turn them into contributions (also free, and done by a charity)

Who Should Attend?
  • Fundraising and development staff


Russ Mack, Executive Director, Leave No Donation Behind


Russ Mack is Executive Director of the charity Leave No Donation Behind. He is a published author, speaker, and consultant. Consultant to a number of nonprofits, Russ learned much of the craft solving problems working at the highest levels of such large corporations as General Motors, Ford, Rubbermaid, and Johnson & Johnson. He has served communities and charities in a variety of ways, from serving on planning commissions and church boards to consulting with charities. Author of “The Only Barter Book You’ll Ever Need” (Bantam Books, New York), he graduated from Dartmouth College with a degree in clinical psychology.
Leave No Donation BehindLeave No Donation Behind is a charity created to rescue non-cash donations for other charities. It “rescues” donations by providing charities, for no charge, education and training as well as email and phone support. There is also a Donation Rescue program that “rescues” donations that a charity has abandoned and turns that non-cash contribution into a cash donation for the charity.