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Building a Solid Fundraising-Centric Mobile Website and App

Date/TimeTuesday, June 26, 2012 3-4pm ET

2012 is the year of MOBILE fundraising! Today, 1.2 billion people in the world have an internet based smart phone or tablet accessing your website or downloading your app. Don’t have one yet? Or have one and want to learn how to increase fundraising efforts? This webinar is perfect for you! We will discuss everything you need to get started with launching and supporting your fundraising-centric mobile website and/or application.

This webinar is hosted by CJW Consulting Services.


  • Why its a must to have a mobile website/application
  • The difference in purpose of a mobile website vs. mobile application
  • Mobile fundraising best practices and tactics
  • Integrating your new mobile channel with traditional direct response initiatives to increase response rates

Who Should Attend?
  • Fundraising and development staff
  • Marketing, communications and PR staff


Margaux Pagán, principal, DonorFuse


Margaux Pagán is principal and director of strategic fundraising at DonorFuse, a consulting firm specializing in fusing innovative technologies with strategic fundraising to help nonprofit organizations grow their mission. Her experience lies in direct response fundraising including DRTV, outbound telemarketing, mobile marketing, online, social media, and analytics. She also has been recognized as a Fundraising Star of 2011 by Fundraising Success Magazine Margaux Pagán holds a B.A. degree in Organizational Communications with a concentration in Integrated Marketing Communications from the University of Central Florida and anticipates acquiring a CFRE in 2012.
DonorFuseDonorFuse offers non-profit organizations the solutions to maximize campaign results through targeted planning. DonorFuse will systematically analyze your current donor file and provide strategies specifically designed to increase your organization’s revenue, grow your donor file, and spread your mission from an integrated approach. DonorFuse is backed by over 30 years of expertise in providing business intelligence, technical services, and database migrations/integrations. The strength of DonorFuse is the ability to fuse the technical and functional worlds to build customizable fundraising strategies based upon a complete analysis of your donor file.