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What Can Small Business and Nonprofit Leaders Learn From Teenage Girls?

Who knew that teenage girls could teach entrepreneurs and nonprofit CEOs a thing or two about sharing?

I don’t mean sharing those oh sooo embarrassing secrets or playing-truth-or-dare like I did at sleep over parties of yesteryear. I mean sharing stories so others can learn from your experience.

According to the British Journal of Psychology, sharing personal experiences with others is critical to handling change effectively. It helps entrepreneurs and nonprofit CEOs to reflect on what they have learned, gaining insight and broadening their perspective.

Sharing your experience also helps others learn by breathing life and instilling greater meaning into a teaching. Rather than telling people what to do or not to do the story provides an example on how to do something.

Web 2.0 tools and technologies are making a profound impact on the way entrepreneurs and nonprofit CEOs share with colleagues, employees, business partners and customers.

So share a little. It’s good for others and it’s good for you. Got a tip, how to, some advice or solution to a problem, do tell.