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Why LinkedIn Company Pages Matter to Nonprofits Part 5 of 5-part series

By Marc W. Halpert and Colleen McKenna

Editor’s note: “Company Pages” may sound like something only for-profit businesses should care about. But those pages provide valuable visibility to nonprofits as well. On Wednesdays, we’ll be running a five-part guest series on how nonprofits can reap significant benefits from LinkedIn’s Company Pages.

Now, turn your nonprofit organization into a sales force!

Connecting, engaging and creating opportunities for others to engage with you, and building strong and compelling profiles and Company Page are essential strategies. The next step is to tell your organization’s unique story. Put yourself in the donor’s place. Business professionals will engage with your nonprofit if you fully portray and develop the need for your mission, the crisis, the imperative of WHY they should choose YOUR organization to receive their time and money.

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