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Nonprofit Software Selection Strategy, Storify and Quora

When a nonprofit is choosing technology, you should consider what your biggest challenges are and where the organization is least efficient, said Don Fornes, CEO of Software Advice. Once you know the problems you want to solve, then you can evaluate the technology. For more insights listen to Frones interview with Tony Martignetti, Nonprofit Radio.

Resourceful Nonprofits Look Outside the Box for Sustainability

by Andrea T. Mills, MBA, CPA, CCSA®, CGMA and Patrick Donohue, MBA, MSW

Even if your nonprofit organization is financially healthy, you’d do well to keep an eye on the future. We live in an environment of ever-increasing demands on resources; you need to be on the lookout for new ways to ensure long-term sustainability.

How Social Impact Organizations Can Start Using Social Media

by Carlos Miranda

The numbers around how many people use social media are staggering – 91% of global adults online use social media regularly. In the UK there are 41 million Facebook users and 10 million people on Twitter. As you're reading this article online, it means you'll probably check at least one social media site today. There is no denying the power of it, and it's changed the way we communicate.

Want Social Media Success? Think Strategically

by Mardy Sitzer

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No – it’s Superman!

Social Media Tactic: Ready, Fire, Aim

competition    social media    strategy    How To    Marketing    Social Media

by Mardy Sitzer

When it comes to Social Media you will hear me rant Strategy First but today I’d like to veer a bit of course and suggest Ready, Fire, Aim as a first step.

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