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How Aligning Your Principles Can Help You Choose the Right Business Relationship

by Ralph Allora

Interesting blog post recently from Paul Klein of Impakt, a Toronto-based consultancy whose mission is to bring about “positive social change at the intersection of business and civil society” by helping corporations and nonprofits become social purpose leaders.

Making Change Personal

How do you define social responsibility? I've asked that question before; this time I have 30 answers, 30 people from all walks of life who took what they had – a little or a lot – and used it to help others.

Short, Sweet, To the Point: Human Spirit Prevails

What is more profound, uplifting or wise than:

Hope in the future. Life goes on. The human spirit prevails.

Those were the words of Risa Lavizzo-Mourey, president and CEO of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

What is a social entrepreneur?

"What is a social entrepreneur?" Now that is a really difficult question. First, you have decide what an entrepreneur is. Then you have to decide what qualifies as social entrepreneurship.

Neither task is easy.

Defining Words Used by the Socially Conscious

I’m issuing a challenge: define some of the phrases used by the socially conscious. My aim is to to help crystallize your thinking about the essence of making a social impact and your role in it. This is the first in five part series.

Do You Have To Move Mountains or Is Kicking a Pebble Out of the Road Enough?

Definitions of Phrases Making a Difference – One in a Series

Sometimes we set standards that are so high, they discourage action. Do you have to make a life-changing difference in the community to be credited with having made a social change or is it enough that you don't add to the burdens of the community?

Social Entrepreneurs Find Business Ideas in Their Own Needs

An idea, a passion, an observation: Any one of these can change your life and, depending on how you handle it, many other lives as well. Take Kyle Berner: He combined his own desire for comfort – flip-flops – with the desire to create social change. Voila! Feelgoodz Flip Flops was born.

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