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What Small Businesses Need To Know Before They Choose A Cause-Marketing Partner

You’ve heard it before: Cause marketing helps small businesses improve their bottom lines while increasing their visibility in the community. Consumers notice when you show you care.

In fact, successful entrepreneurs start working with nonprofits when when their businesses are just starting. It seems to be good karma.

Entrepreneurs Give More Time and Money to Charitable Causes

Why am I not surprised?

Entrepreneurs – CEOs/founders of businesses – believe that philanthropy makes their companies more successful, according to a report just released by the Fidelity Gift Fund.

Use Your Edge: 4 Trust Factors That Attract Customers to Small Businesses

Most Americans – 71 percent – trust small businesses more than they trust their government, their preacher, their teacher, or the nightly news, according to a very dense report issued in April by the Pew Research Center for People and the Press. 

Millennials Will Force Businesses, Nonprofits to Change Culture… for the Good

Time flies! The leading edge of GenX is entering its mid-life crisis period. The new kids on the block are the Millennials/GenYers, born between 1981 and 1996 into a world transfigured by a new kind of connectedness and technology.

Competency Doesn't Mean Heartlessness: Businesses Can Be Profitable and Compassionate

I've said my piece about the competency of nonprofits – they are competent! – but now I have to speak up for businesses – they can be trustworthy, compassionate, and ethical.

That is not the perception of businesses in the survey recently published by Stanford University. The study indicated that nonprofits are viewed as trustworthy and incompetent. It found that corporations are viewed as competent but not trustworthy or "moral."

It's Not a College Degree That Counts, It's Your Experience

Wow! Having a college degree and an alumni network are not as important to successful entrepreneurs as everyone thought. What really counts is hard work – we knew that – experience, and your professional network. Also not so important: investor advice, alumni networks and government help.

Faster, Cheaper Technology Is Key to Small Business Growth in 2010

It looks like my love hate relationship with my computer will only intensify in 2010. New technology and upgrades to old technology mean that more business will be conducted over the Internet. The world has become smaller, markets have become larger and being tech savvy is no longer an option for small business owners or for consumers.

The Power of Peers: A View From a Consummate Pro

Several months ago, Ventureneer undertook a survey that documented the power of peers when small business owners deal with problems. The results were clear: Everybody needs – and wants – support. While survey numbers are great, nothing drives a point home better than an example.

Entrepreneurs Prefer Seminars Over Degree Courses for Ongoing Learning

New research finds that small business owners learn in many different ways, but they have a strong preference for seminars over undergraduate business and MBA university courses. Use and Value of Resources by Small Business Owners and Nonprofit Leaders: A Survey Conducted by Ventureneer, August 2009 also finds that going online is a popular way of taking seminars.

Research Confirms Entrepreneurs Turn to Networking for Help

Over the past few weeks, Ventureneer has been conducting research to find out about the use and impact of resources among small business owners and nonprofit leaders. I’m still digesting all the information for the full report, Use and Value of Resources by Small Business Owners and Nonprofit Leaders: A Survey Conducted by Ventureneer, but I wanted to start sharing some of the insights.

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