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Defining Words Used by the Socially Conscious

I’m issuing a challenge: define some of the phrases used by the socially conscious. My aim is to to help crystallize your thinking about the essence of making a social impact and your role in it. This is the first in five part series.

Social Responsibility Is a Winner at 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics

When the Olympic torch is lit in Vancouver, Canada, on February 12, 2010, it will mark not only the beginning of the 2010 Winter Olympics but also a victory for social responsibility, inclusion, and environmental sustainability.

How Do Non Profits Capture Holiday Spirit of Giving for Year-Round Help?

Homeless, wrapped in an old quilt and huddled on the church steps, a man turned his head away as he was offered a bag of food. "Oh, no! Not more food," he said.

It was Thanksgiving evening. The well-stripped carcass of a turkey lay nearby. Passers-by with leftovers and holiday dinners for the homeless had fed the man and his companions well.

What Entrepreneurs/Nonprofits Execs Need to Succeed

The video is the work of creative director Janet Giampietro, with motion graphics by Gestalters, llc. and audio production by Al Fritsch.

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