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Business Plan For Nonprofit Growth: Evaluation and Knowledge Dissemination

Editor’s Note: This is the fourth of a 7-part series on Developing A Growth Business Plan. The series is based on presentations made at the Social Impact Exchange Symposium on Scaling Impact held June 14 and on the experiences of nonprofits that participated in the business plan competition. Evaluation and Sharing Knowledge was presented by Geri Stengel.

“Evaluation” and “measurement” bring shivers of apprehension to some, with visions of a mound of data collected for external reports that have no bearing on anyone’s job but do affect whether the organization gets funding.

Get rid of that mindset and you get rid of “data angst.”

Challenge: Use Good Business Practices Without Losing Social Purpose

As the saying goes, "assume" makes an ass of you and me.

In a recent "debate" posted on the McKinsey & Company website, I think some asinine assumptions were made by both sides.

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