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Payment Terms Raise Ethical Questions

It isn’t funny, even if Stephen Colbert can make you laugh about it.

Ethics for Online Businesses: How Do You Decide What's Right?

Recently, I told you what my definition of business ethics is.

Defining business ethics doesn't seem that hard to me but apparently, I'm wrong. What part of ethical business practices do these executives not get?

So I'm revisiting the definition of business ethics with emphasis on business ethics online.

Is This Ethical Business? Profits Are High So Cut Wages and Benefits.

The way a business treats its employees is a matter of ethics as well as a matter of profit. Well-trained employees, who are loyal and invested in the company, are more productive and often come up with the tweaks and changes that help a company grow. Moreover, they contribute to profit and growth and so deserve to participate in the rewards thereof.

You Can't Be Socially Responsible Without Ethical Standards

A strong sense of ethics is essential to social enterprises, corporate social responsibility, and any business, small or large, that wants the respect and loyalty of their customers. Ethics is an important part of doing well while doing good, so Ventureneer has joined forces with Business Ethics, the Magazine of Corporate Responsibility.

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