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25 Best Social Media for Social Good Blogs Here Now

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So much good information to choose from! But we have it now: Our list of 25 Best Social Media for Social Good blogs. These are the sites we think give values-driven organizations the best information about using social media to bring about social change.

social media, social good, values driven, best blogsWe winnowed our original list down based on relevance to social good, clarity, and usefulness of information presented. The list is a short-cut so to good ideas your organization can use to implement or expand its use of social media in ways that are consistent with your mission and staff/budget limitations.

Social media can make social change happen. These blogs will inspire nonprofits and social enterprises to dive deeper into social media, for maximum results with minimum stumbles along the way.

Some very good blogs about social media are not on the list because we limited our selection to those who take social good into account when writing about social media.

We’ll be updating the list next year so keep your eyes open for other blogs to add to our list and let us know about them.

Which one is your favorite? Any blogs you’d add to the list?