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10 Social Media Habits To Boost Your Business

Yes, you can grow a business without damaging the planet or the people who live on it. From a start-up in 2006 to a presence in 30,000 stores worldwide, Yes To is a success story by any measure. And its values, as explained on its Facebook page, could come straight from “Social Enterprise 101,” if there were such a handbook:

  • a portion of all proceeds has been dedicated to a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization
  • sustainability in products,  partners, and the lives of the company and the people who work for the company
  • a team committed to taking steps to lead greener and more 'aware' lifestyles (organic fruit deliveries! recycling! team yoga!)
  • a healthy, happy team makes everything a little bit better

6 Steps To Rev Revenue Without Upping Costs for Your Small Businesses

Belt-tightening is getting old. We‘ve heard a lot about it in the last few years and I’m tired of it. Besides, you can only tighten so far. But there are ways to increase revenue and cut costs without inflicting pain on you, your employees or your customers. In fact, some of these may open doors to new opportunities and new ways to grow.

LinkedIn: A Powerful Tool for Nonprofits

I had the pleasure of moderating an “aha” panel discussion the other day. Marc Halpert, managing partner of Connect2Collaborate, and Maria Semple, principal of The Prospect Finder, revealed what nonprofits and nonprofit executives can accomplish with a basic LinkedIn account.

It was a revelation, indeed, for many.

It’s the People Asking Now: Tweetup With Obama Marks New Era

It was billed as a Town Hall event but that old-time tradition underwent a transformation on July 6. Gone were the folks sitting on folding chairs in a cramped space, raising their hands or shouting out questions. Instead, folks around the world looked at their mobile phones or computers as they keyed questions directly to the President of the United States.

Can Citizen Action Lead to Social Change?

Yet another way to use social media to hold government accountable! No, not by crowdsourcing rallies and protests. A new website in India allows – encourages – people to report every time they pay a bribe; are asked for a bribe and don’t pay; or run into an honest government official.

What Small Business Owners Need to Know About Protecting Their Reputations

If you haven’t been convinced of the importance of social media yet – after all, your business isn’t a government in need of overthrowing – maybe the latest news out of England will wake you up.

A soccer player got a court order barring any mention in the press of his tawdry affair. Despite the court order, it all got out on Twitter, which wasn’t included in the injunction. After all, how can you stop the world from chatting?

How to Overcome Fear of Social Media Metrics

Number crunchers love them; the rest of us are intimidated by them.

Analytics and metrics for social media are so bountiful as to be either a feast or overwhelming, depending on your attitude toward numbers. But the one thing they are not is insufficient.

Social Media Best Practices For Nonprofits Can Guide Small Businesses, Too

My recent emphasis on social media for nonprofits is really an emphasis on best practices, guidelines, and why-bother-with-it for small businesses as well.

Small businesses face many of the same problems that nonprofits do:

  • small staff
  • not much money for marketing
  • need to expand customer (for nonprofits, donor) base

Taking Charge of Your Nonprofit’s Social Media Begins With Board and Staff Buy-In

You can’t wait any longer. Your nonprofit has got to enter the social media fray but how? Well, slowly, one step at a time. If you’ve already taken a few steps – set up a Facebook page and opened a Twitter account – you’re on your way. If your nonprofit still considers email and a website technologically advanced, you’ve got some work to do.

New eBook Helps Nonprofits Take Charge of Social Media

We’ve dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s and now it’s all yours. Ventureneer’s new, free  ebook, Social Media for Your Nonprofit: Take Charge!, is ready for you to download.

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