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Best Practices in Email Marketing for Small Businesses and Nonprofits

Maria Semple , Principal, The Prospect Finder

Maria Semple, Principal of The Prospect Finder LLC, is an experienced researcher, trainer, and frequent speaker on prospect research, email marketing, and simple social media strategies. She consults with nonprofit organizations, financial services firms, and small businesses interested in finding the best prospects for long-term business relationships. Semple authored two downloadable and interactive e-books, filled with dozens of prospecting resources. Check them out at The Prospect Finder.

Maria’s firm is also a Constant Contact Solutions Provider, assisting small business owners and nonprofits with their email marketing needs and social media strategies. Maria is a Constant Contact Local Authorized Expert, who conducts seminars on leveraging the power of email marketing and social media. Finally, as a “LinkedIn Evangelist,” Maria helps nonprofits and small businesses understand how to LinkedIn to increase visibility.

DateJune 6, 2012

In spite of complaints about overloaded inboxes, statistics show that email marketing is very effective for businesses and nonprofits alike.

We’re not talking about creating spam! In fact, we’re talking about how to make your mail both welcome and read.

Protecting Your Brand: Trademarks, Copyrights, and the Internet

Date/TimeWednesday, December 14, 2011 12n–1pm ET

In today’s world, a brand is critically important. Without brand recognition, the product or service you offer can be easily lost in the mix … or compromised by copycats.

Your business name, logo, and domain name are elements of your brand. Protect them as you would other assets.

Green Marketing: Leveraging Your Social Responsibility to Improve Profit


International speaker Shel Horowitz's eighth book, Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green: Winning Strategies to Improve Your Profits and Your Planet (co-authored with Jay Conrad Levinson, published in 2010 by Wiley) was on Amazon's environmental bestseller list for 18 months. The book documents how businesses can be green, ethical AND profitable. Using examples from Fortune 100 companies to solo-preneurs, the book lays out how ethics and green principles are not just about doing the right thing but also about profitability. Surprising principles are demonstrated that show why most businesses shouldn't even worry about market share. The book shows business owners how to form powerful partnerships, even with competitors; how to get your green message out without green-washing; and how to become a much deeper shade of green. Shel also writes the internationally syndicated monthly column, Green And Profitable.

DateDecember 5, 2011

Can you improve the earth, your profits, and your customer base all at the same time, by doing the right thing and crafting a marketing strategy that reflects your commitment? Listen closely—because the answer is YES! 

Socially responsible businesses are more profitable than it’s-all-about-profit operations and are poised to build lucrative alliances with like-minded businesses as well as with nonprofits.

Your socially responsible practices can be the key to growth. Can you identify the green and ethical elements of your business that will attract socially conscious consumers and make them loyal advocates for you? Do you know how to build your reputation and grow your revenue by marketing ethical and sustainable practices?

It’s Your Biz: How to Get From Start-up to Million $$$ Plus

Date/TimeThursday, December 1, 2011 12n-1pm ET

Starting and growing a small business is the American dream. Unfortunately, that dream often turns into a nightmare as business owners find themselves ill-equipped for the real-world challenges that building a business entails. It isn’t just another job.

If you are dreaming about being your own boss or wondering what it will take to get that widget you invented into production, this webinar is a good place to start. It will cover the hard work and the new skills you’ll have to acquire as well as the questions you need to answer before you start.

Impact Investing: Challenges and Prospects


Antony Bugg-Levine is the CEO of the Nonprofit Finance Fund. Prior to taking up this position in October, 2011, he was a Managing Director at the Rockefeller Foundation, where he designed and led the Rockefeller Foundation's Impact Investing initiative. He convened the 2007 meeting that coined the phrase "impact investing" and is the Board chair of the Global Impact Investing Network. A former consultant with McKinsey & Co., he also teaches at Columbia Business School. A native of South Africa, he served in the late 1990s as the acting communications director at the South African Human Rights Commission.

Jed Emerson is executive vice-president for Strategic Development with ImpactAssets, a nonprofit financial services firm that provides information about impact investing to interested asset owners and creates impact investing products to the asset owner/impact fund market.

He is a Senior Fellow with the Center for Social Investing at Heidelberg University (Germany) and Senior Advisor to The Sterling Group (a multi-family office based in Hong Kong, which pursues a sustainable/impact investing strategy for its clients). He was a founding board member of Pacific Community Ventures, founding director of REDF and has been affiliated with various leading investment firms, such as Generation Investment Management (London).

Jed is also an adjunct professor with NYU-Abu Dhabi, in addition to having held faculty appointments at the Harvard, Stanford, and Oxford business schools. He is internationally recognized as a thought leader, having originated the concept of Blended Value and produced numerous articles on investing capital and managing firms for multiple returns. Jed has presented his work at the World Economic Forum, CGI and other events around the world. His various papers/research may be found at

DateNovember 7, 2011

In recent years, impact investing -- investing for financial returns as well as social and environmental impacts -- has gained heightened attention among investors and social entrepreneurs.

Antony Bugg-Levine and Jed Emerson literally wrote the book on the subject, Impact Investing: Transforming How We Make Money While Making a Difference.Their book is the first to chart a course for “blended value” investment strategies that make money while improving social and environmental conditions.

Top 10 Lies Startups Tell to Avoid Marketing

Date/Time June 7, 2011, 12n-1pm ET

Take a dose of "tough love’" to make sure you avoid the pitfalls that sideline many brilliant ideas. Marketing matters; the marketplace is harsh.

And you can come up with plenty of excuses to short-change or avoid marketing. Do you hide behind time pressures, lack of understanding, inexperience or just aren't sure what good marketing is? That's self-deception. Come out from behind that rock!

Internet Marketing Essentials for Small Businesses and Nonprofits

Date/TimeThursday, March 24, 2-3 pm ET

Internet Marketing is an elusive creature: What's hot today might be passé tomorrow. How does a small business or nonprofit executive, with limited time and resources, keep up?

In this class, we'll teach you how to make sense of the latest marketing trends; help you determine which tools and approaches are right for you; and give you the fundamentals needed to create an Internet Marketing Action Plan.

Want to Have a Brand That Sticks? Give It A Good Story!

Date/TimeTuesday, March 8, 2011, 12n-1pm

Say, what's your story? Do your customers know who you are, why you do what you do, and what makes you different, better or more interesting than your competitors?

They should! Your story is the foundation on which you build your brand. A strong brand elevates your business above the competitive fray and into the minds and hearts of consumers.

Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs: Best Practices for Sales Success

Date/TimeThursday, September 16, 2 - 3pm ET

This fast-paced, online seminar will teach small business owners and entrepreneurs how to make more sales, convert more prospects, retain more clients, and capture more market share. The webinar will drill on techniques and skills that are critical for growing your business, including:

  • developing your core points of differentiation, 
  • staying on the grid during a lengthy sales cycle, 
  • using social media as a business tool.

No matter what type of business or profession you are in, these mission-critical skills make the difference between success and failure. Our instructor delivers insights in a “real-speak,” no-BS manner.

Developing an Idea for a Startup Business

Geri Stengel , President, Ventureneer

Geri Stengel is founder and president of Ventureneer, a content marketing, marketing research and education company that helps companies reach small businesses. As a writer (author of Forget the Glass Ceiling: Building Your Business Without One and Stand Out In the Crowd: How Women (and Men) Benefit From Equity Crowdfunding and Forbes contributor writing about the success factor of women entrepreneurs), consultant, teacher (Kauffman FastTrac facilitator and former adjunct professor at The New School) and speaker, Geri has helped thousands of entrepreneurs take their vision to reality, develop their business plan, and learn the strategies and tactics they need to grow their businesses.

Geri Stengel


DateJune 9, 2010

Many would-be entrepreneurs are at a loss about what kind of business to start. You’ve dreamt about becoming your own boss and controlling your financial destiny, but what kind of venture is the right fit?

Ideas can come from many sources, — previous work experience, hobbies, a personal need, filling a market void. But, whether you’re fulfilling a passion or following a marketing opportunity, you’ll need a process to evaluate your options.

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