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Women Leadership Summit: Empowering women forward

Date/TimeSeptember 18-20 2013, all each day  
  • The event series is a social initiative to help bring awareness and motivate leadership through women empowerment.
  • CEOs and high profile speakers come together to share their stories and push for change. Community organizations, academia, and corporations join forces as a network to change the ratio. 60 speakers representing fashion, healthcare, finance, technology, government, sports, business, military, media, advertising, film, and boards. 20 speakers each day.
  • Private Invite only evening events at exclusive venues.
  • September 18 and 19 TED-like talks with panels. September 20 TED-like talks with concert.
  • Ventureneer’s founder will moderate a panel on September 18 called Women in Finance: Empowered with Purpose with Edith O'donnell, Lyons Mortgage Services and Jennifer Cole, BNY Mellon. The panel will discuss how women can get ahead in the financial services industry and what the sector can do to encourage this.

The summit will take place in Bryant Park, NYC. For more information or to register,

Focus On Your Vision: Bring Your Future Into Laser Focus!

Date/TimeWednesday, June 30, 1pm - 2pm ET
First envision it, then make it happen. In this free online seminar, you and core team members will develop a common vision, firmly rooted in the values of your organization, and the tools to implement it, whether you are a business or a nonprofit. (Yes, vision, motivation, and leadership are common to both.)

Focus on encouraging collaboration and active participation by all levels of the organization. "Visioning" fosters increased ownership by team members, which increases the likelihood that you'll achieve your goals. After all, if you don't all know where you're going, how can you all pull in the same direction?

Being part of the team and clear on its vision will improve staff productivity, morale, and motivation so you'll all be able to pull together to meet challenges.

In this free webinar, you and your core team members will learn to:

  • Clear the Deck and sharpen the focus on your team’s key intentions and TOP priorities;
  • Define -- or revisit -- SMART goals and develop a concrete implementation strategy;
  • Identify ONE task you can execute immediately to accomplish your most important goal;
  • Create a "visioning" tool that will motivate your team to stay on track.

If you’re serious about making some real headway for your team as the economy rebounds, gather your core team members in the conference room and get energized, focused, and motivated to grow.

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