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7 Lessons From A Company That Rose From Ashes Of Failure To Be A Success

When the world changes, smart entrepreneurs figure out how to change, too. Being able to pivot means being able to succeed.


How To Survive The Valley Of Death Between Seed And Series A

When funding to scale is blocked, find a way around the barrier. There are options!

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Merger Not Gender Stands In The Way Of Closing This Series A Round

When your Series A is slowed by finalizing a merger, punt.


Look Beyond Silicon Valley For ROI

Women venture capitalists are finding great ROI in companies men overlook.

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The Men Women Love

Savvy men know that their investments will be less risky and have better returns if the leadership team is diverse. Let’s hear it for the smart guys!

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Getting An Assist Shortens Time To Raise Series C Funding

If your company is ready to grow, look at all way of raising money, even the higher-cost ones. If the timing is right, it will be worth the money.


Is Change In The Wind For Women Entrepreneurs Raising Capital?

Bigger players are beginning to see what women knew all along: Women-led businesses are great investments. Get with the program, guys!

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Tech: An Opportunity For Black Women and Investors

Black women who start tech-based companies represent an unnoticed but potentially lucrative investment for funders.

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Why The Force Will Be With Women Entrepreneurs In 2016

What’s good for women is good for the economy.

Economists and academics agree women entrepreneurs are an under-tapped force that can rekindle economic expansion. Women are becoming more entrepreneurial. Women own 36% of all businesses, according to the 2012 U.S. Census ‒ a jump of 30% over 2007.

My 10 reasons the force will be with women entrepreneurs are a mix of marketplace trends, expanding financing options, and the growing recognition that support is needed and is effective. The biggest challenge women face when starting and growing their businesses is access to capital, especially equity financing, as I was reminded by Sharon Vosmek, an economist and CEO of Astia ‒ a nonprofit that identifies and propels high-potential women-led companies with expertise and money. Female entrepreneurs start companies with 50% less capital than male entrepreneurs, according to Access to Capital by High-Growth Women-Owned Businesses, research commissioned by the National Women’s Business Council (NWBC). So no surprise, money is a large focus of the article. I’ve also included resources in case you want to go deeper into a topic.  

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Diverse Angels Breed Innovative Companies

Innovation doesn’t just happen. It is the result of making unexpected connections based on things we already know. This is as true for investors as it is for entrepreneurs. Investors are more likely to invest in things they understand first hand.

Natalia Oberti Noguera understood that the way to increase the number of successful innovative companies was to increase the number of women angels funding them. These investors recognize investment opportunities that white guys don’t. That’s one of reasons she started Pipeline Angels in 2011. Back then, only 12% of angel investors were women and 13% of all angel-backed companies women-led, according to the Center for Venture Research, which tracks angel investments. The percentage of women angels has more than doubled to 26% and so has the percentage of angel-backed companies that are women-led — 28%.

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