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An actionable crowdfunding report for entrepreneurs and investors alike

To ensure women entrepreneurs ask for and receive funding, Ventureneer is creating a blueprint for women seeking funding so they know if raising equity financing is right for their company and—if so—exactly how to do it. We’ll also provide direction for investors who have the money and/or the desire to support women entrepreneurs, proven more likely than their male counterparts to deliver a high return on investment.

  • For women seeking to raise equity financing for their companies publicly the report will provide (part of a free report)

    • Benchmarks by industry, regions, amount of money raised, capital structure, and other key criteria based on data provided by Crowdnetic, a leading provider of technology and market data solutions to the global crowdfinance marketplace
    • Lessons from reward-based crowdfunding that are applicable to equity crowdfunding
    • Social media best practices that apply to equity-based crowdfunding
    • Ways to get past your internal voice that says you can’t do this


  • For those who want to evaluate investing in this new asset, the report will explain (part of a free report):

    •  How to determine if investing in this asset class is right for you
    • What to consider when making an investment, including the company and the crowdfunding platform

  • For the crowdfunding industry trying to attract women seeking to raise money for their companies or as investors, the report will provide (part of paid report $1,000):

    •  Rules for marketing to women as entrepreneurs and investors
    •  Insights into how women approach investing



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