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Style Over Substance: How VCs’ Perceptions Of Female Founders Is Slowing The Economy
Founders and VCs aren’t aligned on the attributes that lead to a successful startup. Founders who close the gap could raise funds faster.
Aligning Employee Performance With Business Goals Is Key To Success
Organic growth and using the passion and talent of your team can be the foundation of long-term sustainability.
How Women Entrepreneurs Push Boundaries To Inspire The Next Generation
Your comfort zone is not where you want to be. Move beyond it to make things really happen.
How Female Founders Help ICO Campaigns Succeed
When you need to build trust, turn to the women on your team.
Paid Leave Is A Competitive Advantage For Small Businesses
If you really want to honor mothers — and keep talented employees — think paid leave. Fathers will like it, too.
Demonstrate Your Innovation To Make The Sale
Once you’ve got a product, you have to sell it. Often, the best way to do that is with a hands-on demo, which may be hard to do.
How Discussing Art Improves Innovation And The Bottom Line
Looking deeply together at great art can inspire entrepreneurs to break barriers.
Leveraging Your Track Record To Innovate An Industry And Attract Investors
Your first business can be the foundation of your next enterprise if you leverage it right.
Middle Market Power Index Series
While small in number middle market firms, defined as generating $10 million and $1 billion in sales, make an immense impact on the economy. The Middle Market Power Index series of reports highlight their contributions.
State of Women-Owned Businesses
Find out what the rise in women’s entrepreneurship means for the U.S. economy and job creation.
Hispanic Women Entrepreneurship: Understanding Diversity Among Hispanic Women Entrepreneurs
If the estimated 1.9 million Hispanic women-owned firms in the U.S. in 2016 generated employment and revenues proportionate to those of other women entrepreneurs, they would generate 80,000 new jobs and $155 billion in additional revenue.  An understanding of the variations in this economic powerhouse will help unleash their potential.