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How An MVP Disrupted The Advertising Production Industry
Before building expensive technology, understand what customers want by duct taping an inexpensive version of it using existing technology and testing it and manual processes.
When Big And Small Business Pay It Forward, Communities Thrive
Making the world a better place means supporting small businesses as well as nonprofits.
5 Business Lessons From A Cancer Survivor
When crises happen, you learn what matters, in your life and in your business. The lessons you learn help you grow in both.
How A Female Founder Is Taking A Man’s Niche Product Mainstream
The entrepreneur who sees the solution is the one to invest in, even if it’s a woman in a man’s market.
For Valentine’s Day: Entrepreneurial Lessons From A Sex Tech Female Founder
Girls do want to have fun and helping them do so has created a new tech sector that investors are starting to notice.
Entrepreneurial Skills Everybody Needs
School teaches you some skills but experience teaches you the most valuable ones.
10-Year-Old Knows Which Numbers Matter In Business Growth. How About You?
Do you know the numbers that will drive the success of your business? From lemonade stand to thought-leader: Keeping your eye on the basics brings success.
How One Woman Is Reducing Healthcare Costs And Improving Quality
In only 3 years, Heal has saved patients $6.3 billion while improving the quality of their healthcare.
Flexibility And Change Can Be Keys To Entrepreneurial Success
How many different ways can you change your business model to improve success? One entrepreneur makes 9 pivots to attract investors and big namer strategic partners.
How One Woman Entrepreneur Helps Others Break Through The $1 Million Revenue Barrier
$1 billion in cash to help women entrepreneurs break through the barriers that hold them back. Now that’s a woman at work!
How Mogul Makes It Possible For HR Departments To End Sexual Harassment
The #MeToo movement has created the critical mass needed to make systemic change. And the tools needed to implement it are at hand.