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Social Enterprise: Online Learning and Support

Why social enterprise education?
Social enterprise education is about creating opportunities, assessing options, avoiding pitfalls, and recognizing success when money isn't everything. It’s a bit of a balancing act and requires insight that business courses don’t usually provide.

Social enterprise education uses both the successes and failures of social entrepreneurs to understand what makes a good -- and viable -- social enterprise. It develops techniques to surmount or leverage challenges and figures out how to report results when money isn’t everything.

What is social enterprise education?
Social enterprise education pulls together the business, financing, and practical skills you need to run a business that balances social good with good income.

  • management of time, people, inventories, and resources
  • customer service
  • raising funds
  • market research
  • sustainability
  • supply line scrutiny

Leading a social enterprise requires the melding of all the skills of a business owner and of a nonprofit leader. It’s another level of knowledge that teaches you how to juggle the social enterprise triple bottom line: people, planet, and profit.

That's what Ventureneer is about: building, managing, and maintaining your impact on people and the planet while making a profit. It's about learning from presenters and peers, it’s about brain-storming and innovation.

It's about success.

Balancing learning and doing
Universities offer education for social entrepreneurs but the cost in time and money puts such training out of reach for many. Ventureneer offers aspiring social entrepreneurs or thriving ones a community of people committed to helping themselves and each other move forward. You get:

  • vetted content (articles, video and podcasts)
  • real-life lessons
  • people and tools to overcome blockages;
  • free online classes to build skills
  • in-depth online virtual course to develop critical thinking and business skills and to heighten your ability to make effective decisions
  • a one-stop resource center for social media techniques and insights, with emphasis on using social media for social good
  • twice weekly blogs on about companies, people, tools, and ideas that can help social entrepreneurs do a better job of leading
  • free, downloadable eBooks so your whole team can learn together
  • an online library of resources, vetted for quality and constantly updated, about issues of concern to small businesses, social entrepreneurs, and nonprofits
  • the inspiration to get off your butt and make it happen already
  • or, if it is happening, the inspiration to make it bigger and better …

... at a cost in time and money that you can afford.

It takes a community to raise a social enterprise
Social enterprise education at Ventureneer combines lessons learned through experience with the expertise of professionals, such as accountants and marketing specialists. Your instruction comes from those who have been there, faced the problems, and made a difference. Ventureneer's social enterprise education gives you the community and the technology to achieve the good you envision.